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Whether you’re a family member, friend, friend of a friend, stranger, or just a random person who stumbled across my page—thank you for taking the time to read this. This blog is for you.


Why I Started a Blog

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing” – Thomas Jefferson

These words perfectly describe my purpose for starting this blog. My desire to explore new places while exploring the depths of myself has led me to the other side of the world. My experiences, though personal, mirror those that every person on this planet goes through.

So, I write about my travels to help fellow travelers. I write about my hardships to help those who are going through their own. And I write about my breakthroughs to inspire others to dig deep and unleash the power within them.

Whether you’re looking for travel tips or a motivational, self-help guide; this blog offers both.

I believe communication is the bridge to all human connection. Through conversation, we strengthen our bonds and foster companionship. Through storytelling, we develop a deeper understanding of the people and the world around us. With all the unique places in this world, the variety of people, and the thousands of different languages spoken—there is one thing that we all have to share: our story.

Sharing my Story

The values that I embrace—vulnerability, learning, leadership, and service to others—all contribute to the reasons behind sharing my story.

I’m vulnerable with my mistakes and struggles to encourage you to feel comfortable with yours. I teach you all that I have learned, from other people and the world, to remind you to always be a student of life. I lead by example, sharing my process of discovery, to get you fired up to take control of your life and discover your potential, passion, and purpose. And I show you how helping others is the secret to helping yourself.

My high school teacher once told me, “Life is about the journey, not the destination”. These words have stuck with me, and relay an important message we can all learn from—that it doesn’t matter where you’re going, what matters is who you become along the way.

Let’s share and learn and grow together, friends!

Welcome to The Sienic Journey.


Sierra Nicole

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