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The vegan scene is bigger than it’s ever been, and whether you’re a full-blown vegan or just trying it out (like me), there are a number of vegan options around the world that make traveling and eating plant-based a little easier (and more fun!). 

The bustling city of Bangkok Thailand is following this trend and is one of the few cities in this country where you can find a ton of vegan and vegetarian options. If you’re looking for Asian, Italian, Western, or Mediterranean—you can be sure to find vegan restaurants in Bangkok to satisfy your plant-based needs.

I went on a mad hunt to find vegan options in Bangkok and ate my way through 10 restaurants to not only satisfy my cravings, but to produce this vegan-eating guide for you!

Below you will find a list of restaurants organized by “vegan”, “vegetarian/vegan”, and “vegan options”. With this list, you’ll be sure to stay true to your eating preferences (and stay full) during your time in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bon Appetit!

Vegan Restaurants in Bangkok

The following restaurants are full vegan.

My fave picks: Broccoli Revolution, Vistro, and Veganarie.

Broccoli Revolution

Broccoli Rev (the shortened hipster name I’ve given to this restaurant), is a modern Western-style vegan restaurant in Bangkok, located on the busy Sukhumvit Road.

Its interior is hipster-Pinterest-stylish with posh seating arrangements and succulents galore. The menu serves a unique variety of dishes from Western to Southeast Asian cuisines. Broccoli Revolution is also known for its smoothies and cold pressed juices…and a cold case with vegan desserts and ice cream.

On my afternoon visit here, I ordered the “Broccoli Charcoal Quinoa Burger” smothered in guacamole and served between a charcoal bun. The patty had a nice, soft consistency and the bun had a sweetness to it that enhanced the flavors.

I couldn’t resist the “Spicy Cauliflower Bites” which came covered in a mild buffalo sauce and served with the best vegan “ranch” I’ve ever tasted.

Things got even better when I ordered dessert. First, the “Hazel Dazel” ice cream pop which had a chocolate shell with crushed pieces of hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream inside. Then, (and the best part of the entire meal for me), the “Carmel Cake”. OMG this is THE best vegan cake I’ve had! The carmel was the perfect amount of sweetness and the texture of the cake slightly resembled a cookie—so different that most of the vegan cakes I’ve tried.

Price: 619 THB ($19 USD)

broccoli revolution bangkok
Broccoli Charcoal Quinoa Burger & Spicy Cauliflower Bites
broccoli revolution bangkok
Carmel Cake & Hazel Dazel Magnom


Vistro takes the cake for best interior design for vegan restaurants in Bangkok. It’s got a coffee and ice cream shop on its first floor and the posh dining area on the second floor filled with hanging plants and a view of the city. The service here was outstanding and the workers’ English proficiency made it really easy to communicate with them.

On my evening visit here, I ordered the “Spaceballs”—deep fried mac n cheese balls with an activated charcoal crust and served with spicy Sriracha mayo. This plant-based appetized was unique, full of flavor, and filling!

For dessert (because they had so many good options, so obvi I had to order some), I got the “Brownie with Ice Cream”. The brownie was warm, gooey dark chocolate with walnuts, and I got one scoop of peanut butter chocolate chip and one scoop of cold brew coffee ice cream. A dark chocolate drizzle and carmel drizzle (this was effing delicious) topped it all off. I was in vegan-dessert heaven with this one!

Price: 515 THB ($16 USD)

vistro bangkok
vistro bangkok
Brownie w/Ice Cream


Veganarie is a chain of vegan restaurants in Bangkok with 5 locations. They serve all-day breakfast, dinner, desserts, and drinks as well as some take away grocery options. The menu ranges from Western delights to traditional Asian cuisine. Some locations don’t serve certain dishes while others do, so make sure to check out their menu online before you go.  

I visited Veganarie twice.

On my visit to the Veganarie Concept location I ordered the “Mac and Cheese” (it was my first time trying a vegan mac). It was good, but the cheese lacked that extra “umph” that’s often lost in vegan cheese alternatives. However, the soy bacon was a nice touch, and they offered a gluten-free option.

I was really excited when I looked in their dessert case and found they had pumpkin pie (my all-time holiday favorite), so I ordered this for dessert. The “Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie” was made from almonds, oat, cashew nut, pumpkin, coconut syrup, stevia, cinnamon, and soy milk; it was also gluten-free! It had all the right flavors of pumpkin pie with a soft creamy texture.

Price: 360 THB ($11 USD)

On my visit to the Veganarie Silom location I ordered the “Overloaded Fries” which resembled pulled pork loaded fries with dipping sauces. It was a hearty, comfort food appetizer with rich flavors (I loved the vegan mayonnaise).

I also had the “Milky Thai Tea”; my first time having a vegan Thai tea (with soy milk instead of the condensed milk traditionally used by the street vendors). It tasted just as delicious and gave me that extra boost of energy without the bloat from the dairy!

Price: 300 THB ($10 USD)

veganarie bangkok
Milky Thai Tea
veganarie bangkok
Mac and Cheese
veganarie bangkok
Overloaded Fries

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok

The following restaurants are full vegetarian restaurants with vegan options.

My fave picks: Mango, Hummus Boutique, Govinda Italian Restaurant


Mango is a small restaurant in Bangkok offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. It’s located near the Chao Phraya River and its interior is decorated with quirky art pieces (of mostly cats).

The menu is HUGE, offering a variety of food from Asian noodles to Indian curries to Western burgers—and all conveniently color coded to identify the vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. You can come here for breakfast, lunch, and dessert.

On my afternoon visit here, I ordered the “Rainbow Rolls”—spring rolls filled with tempeh (my favorite), carrots, lettuce, pineapple, and pomegranate (this was a nice touch)—served with a delectable peanut dipping sauce.

After this light fare, I indulged in the “Choco Banana Vegan Pancake”. I was able to modify this to be gluten-free and ordered a side of coconut ice cream to go with it. Best part of this dessert: the homemade vegan NUTELLA!

Price: 375 THB ($12 USD)

mango bangkok
Rainbow Rolls
mango bangkok
Choco Banana Vegan Pancake

Hummus Boutique

Hummus Boutique is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Bangkok located on the busy Sukhumvit Road near the Thong Lor BTS. Their menu is full of Mediterranean delights, creative hummus recipes, and homemade pizzas.

On my afternoon visit here, I ordered the “Hummus Falafel Party” which came with five falafel balls resting in hummus and served with fresh pita bread—this dish was seriously hummus heaven, and the falafel was freaking tasty!

I was excited to see that they had “Vegan Mozzarella Sticks” made with homemade cashew cheese, so of course I had to give them a try. They were soooo good, and the cheese resembled the gooey mozzarella typical of this dish, served with a sweet marinara dipping sauce.

Price: 418 THB ($13 USD)

hummus boutique bangkok
Hummus Falafel Party & Vegan Mozzarella Sticks

Govinda Italian Restaurant

VEGAN PIZZA…need I say more?

Govinda Italian Restaurant is a tucked away vegan restaurant in Bangkok that also offers vegetarian options. The menu is full of traditional Italian meals such as pasta, lasagna, and pizza (which has the option of regular or vegan cheese).

On my evening visit here, I ordered the “Capricciosa Pizza” topped with vegan cashew cheese, soy sausage, mushroom, artichoke, and olives—and devoured the entire thing (although it was definitely not made for 1 person…oops!)

The restaurant manager greeted me right away and discussed the menu with me, answering any questions I had and offering his suggestions. He also told me they are working on creating a gluten-free crust to add this option to their menu. I always love exceptional service to compliment a great meal.

Price: 385 THB ($12 USD)

govinda bangkok
Capricciosa Pizza

Restaurants with Vegan Options in Bangkok

The following restaurants are meat-serving restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options.

My fave picks: Sunrise Tacos, Acai Story, and Makai Acai & Superfood Bar

Sunrise Tacos

Sunrise Tacos has multiple locations throughout Bangkok—9 to be exact. Though it’s not traditionally a vegan food restaurant, it’s recently added a vegan option for almost all their dishes with the introduction of “OmniMeat”: a plant-based protein looks and tastes exactly like pork!

I visited the Sunrise Tacos branch in Terminal 21 (popular shopping center that looks just like an airport). I ordered the “Wonder Flautas Combo” with no cheese or sour cream to make the meal full vegan (but they do offer vegan cheese if you ask).

After I was served my meal and took the first bite, I had to call the server back to make sure she hadn’t accidentally put real pork…it was that damn good (and tasted just like the real thing)!

If you’re looking to satisfy your Mexi-Vegan cravings, Sunrise Tacos should be your new go-to spot.

Price: 315 THB ($10 USD)

sunrise tacos bangkok
Wonder Flautas Combo

Acai Story

Acai Story is my fave spot for Acai bowls, and although its not a full vegan restaurant, it still falls under my list for vegan options in Bangkok. Not only do they have a yummy list of Acai bowl treats, they also serve up healthy smoothies and juices.

On my morning visit here, I ordered the “Crunchy Nutty Bowl” which was an Acai-base served with granola, crushed nuts, nut butter, coconut flakes, banana slices and cacao nibs. This combo had a harmonious blend of flavors and the petite size was a perfect snack.

Price: 165 THB ($5 USD)

acai story bangkok
Crunchy Nutty Bowl (top left)

Makai Acai & Superfood Bar

Makai is another popular spot for Acai bowls in Bangkok, located near the Ari BTS station. Its interior is a Hawaiian tropical vibe and they’ve also got a full bar at their location (smoothie bowls and shots—life is all about balance right?).

On my afternoon visit here, I ordered the “Butter My Coco-nuts” bowl which was an Acai-base blend of banana, strawberries, blueberries, cacao, and peanut butter. It was topped with granola, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, cacao nibs, and peanut butter. The texture of the Acai blend was a bit off, but the flavors were still there, and the small size was a perfect snack.

Price: 160 THB ($5 USD)

Makai bangkok
Butter My Coco-nuts Bowl

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