Penang Street Art: Hunting Down the Murals in Georgetown


Are you an art-loving, Instagram-posing, world-wanderer looking for a destination to fulfill your aesthetic adventures? If you answered yes to any of these descriptions, you’ve got to put seeing the Penang street art in Georgetown, Malaysia on your travel bucketlist.

Georgetown is the capital city of Penang island, which belongs to the country of Malaysia. Surrounded by the radiant Straits of Malacca, Penang island is full of the rich culture and delectable cuisine that is renowned to the rest of Malaysia. Georgetown is especially unique for its muraled walls that decorate this multi-cultured, must-see tourist destination.

If you like experiencing a variety of cultures, lighting up your taste buds with street food, and are looking for a little adventure—here’s a guide for hunting down the murals in Georgetown and fully immersing in the Penang street art.

penang street art

Penang Street Art Map

You’ve just arrived on Penang island, got all settled into your accommodation, and now you’re ready to start scoping out the street art that decorates this city. 

What do you need first? A map!

Getting Around Georgetown, Penang

The street art in Penang covers a distance of around 3 miles (5 km). If you want to see every aspect of this quaint little town and go at your own pace, I recommend walking. Not only does this allow you the freedom to follow your explorative curiosity, you burn some extra calories to balance out all that delicious street food.

If you’re not up for walking around all day, or maybe just need a little break, I recommend hiring a trishaw. A trishaw is a rickshaw-style cart with a comfy seat in the front and a bicycle in the back (peddled by a kind Malaysian local). You can find these trishaws pretty much anywhere in Georgetown and can hire one for a couple hours or opt-in for a full tour. Prices will range from 25-45 RM per hour ($5-$10) or a lump-sum for a full tour. Don’t forget to use your polite negotiation skills here!

Ready, Set, Explore!

There are two types of street art you will find wandering around Georgetown. The first is the painted murals and the second is the iron wall caricatures.

Murals in Georgetown, Penang

The murals painted on the walls of Georgetown were created by a number of artists, the most popular being Ernest Zacharevic. There are 25 boldly designed murals decorating the city.

Check out this website for all 25: Penang Street Art: 25 Most Captivating Murals In Georgetown

Here are the 8 that I discovered on my trip:

Brother & Sister on a Swing

brother & sister on a swing georgetown

Where to find it: Alleyway off Gat Lebuh Chulia

Old Motorcyle

old motorcycle georgetown

Where to find it: Corner of Lebuh Ah Quee and Beach Street

I Want Bao

I want bao georgetown penang

Where to find it: Corner of Lebuh Victoria and Gat Lebuh Armenian

Boy on a Chair

boy on a chair georgetown

Where to find it: Alley off of Lebuh Cannon and Lebuh Acheh

Trishaw Man

trishaw man georgetown

Where to find it: Corner of Jalan Penang and Lebuh Muntri

Angel Wings

wings georgetown penang

Where to find it: Alley off of Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Ah Quee

Traditional Rickshaw Vendor

murals in georgetown penang

Where to find it: Alley off of Lebuh Armenian and Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling

Two Men Pushing a Door

murals in georgetown penang

Where to find it: Alley off of Lebuh Armenian

Iron Wall Caricatures in Georgetown, Penang

The iron wall caricatures welded to the walls of Georgetown tell a story of the city’s history with a slight comical relief. There are 52 installments scattered around.

Download this PDF for a guide: Street Art Brochure

Here are the 8 that I discovered on my trip:

penang street art
“Ting Ting Thong” on Lorong Seck Chuan
penang street art
“Property” on Gat Lebuh Chulia
street art penang
“Win Win Situation” on Lebuh Muntri
street art penang
“Then and Now” on Lebuh Armenian
murals in georgetown
“Too Narrow” on Lorong Soo Hong
penang street art
“Beca” on Lorong Chulia
penang street art
“Pilgrims” on Lebuh Acheh
street art penang
“Gedung Rumput” on Lebuh Queen

Looking for Food in Georgetown, Penang?

While hunting down the murals in Georgetown, you’re going to want to re-energize with some of Malaysia’s most famous street food and sweets. 

Here’s my top 3 recommendations:

1. The Jetty Food Court

  • Where to find it: Pengkalan Weld
  • What to try: Char Kway Teow, Popiah

2. New Lane Street Food Stalls

  • Where to find it: Lorong Baru
  • What to try: Assam Laksa, Cendol

3. China House

  • Where to find it: 153 Beach St.
  • What to try: Salted Carmel Cheesecake, Rocky Road Cluster
cendol malaysia
char kway teow malaysia
Char Kway Teow
popiah malaysia
assam laksa malaysia
Assam Laksa

Art Lane

So, you’ve spent the day hunting down the murals in Georgetown and filling up your memory (and photo album) with these remarkable images…but the Penang street art doesn’t stop there!

If you’re looking to get out of the sun and soak up vivid color and imagery instead, head down to art lane—an indoor public artworks gallery that is bound to blow your mind.

Just as I thought this expressive town couldn’t get any more appealing, I was enamored by my stroll down art lane, and you will be too.

Here’s a few photos to give you a sneak peak of the sights you’ll encounter.

art lane georgetown penang
art lane georgetown penang
art lane georgetown penang
art lane georgetown penang

Where to find it: 199 Lebuh Victoria 

Looking for a Room in Georgetown, Penang?

As if I wasn’t already obsessed with Georgetown enough, my stay at Queen’s Hostel made me never want to leave.

This female-friendly accommodation features a dorm with private “nests” separated by colorful drapes that give you the feeling of “glamping” indoors. The bathrooms are equipped with all your girly-getting-ready essentials and there’s window-lit area for some energizing yoga or winding down with a book.

Downstairs you will find a kitchen, more bathrooms, a common area filled with comfy seating, a map of Georgetown painted on the wall, and tons of recommendations for things around the city.

If you’re lucky enough to bump into Rachel—the owner of the hostel—take some time to chat with her about the story behind creating this feminine space and she’ll give you lots of tips and tricks for enjoying your stay in Georgetown, Penang.

Book your accommodation in Georgetown, Penang with The Sienic Journey Travel.

queens hostel penang
queens hostel penang

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