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Welcome to The Sienic Journey. A place for all things events, travel, and content creation. Call me your go-to woman for planning, coordinating, hosting, and capturing experiences that enrich your life. Getting married? Want to take a vacation? Planning a party or event? Want to travel the world with a group of growth-driven women? Need help with curating and managing your social media accounts? Whether you're here for retreats, honeymoons, weddings, travel, parties, or business matters- you're in the right place. I'm here to remind you to enjoy the journey. Let's make memories together!

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"She is the BEST in the industry..."

Caylan and I will never forget how special our day was! The planning, the rehearsal, and the day would have not been as incredible if it wasn't for our unforgettable coordinator Sierra. She seamlessly tailored and perfected the timeline to our specific needs, and what was most important to us. She is 
the BEST in the industry, and was made to do this. It is obvious this is her passion and she brings that 110% throughout the whole process. 

client love

Kristen & Caylan

"I've been telling everyone it's been one of the best experiences of my life..."

For the first time I did something by myself FOR myself. I spent four days at a women's retreat and I had my reservations. But I’m writing this to tell you that it has been one of the best and most transformational moments of my life. I seriously can't thank Sierra enough for facilitating and creating an opportunity for healing. I have friends for life now and a completely different outlook and relationship to myself. 

client love

patrishia b.

"Sierra didn't just feel like a wedding coordinator..."

Sierra didn’t just feel like a wedding coordinator; she really felt like a long-time friend who had our back in all situations. On the day of the wedding, she was the confident, calming voice I needed. She managed all the vendors on site, and even re-glued my fake eyelashes after some post-ceremony tears. She organized the wedding day down to the minute, and this attention to detail created the smoothest wedding our guests said they had ever been a part of.

client love

rosie & Cameron

"I was able to feel comfortable and confident in being myself..."

I've attended 2 retreats with Sierra. In Bali, I was able to Break Free. I learned about myself, who I wanted to be, what I could handle, and how I wanted to experience my life. In Greece, I was able to confidently show off my transformation. This environment allowed me to surrender my fears, limiting beliefs, hesitations and trust Sierra, the process and the other women. I was embraced, accepted and celebrated for WHO I am. 

client love

Chantal g.

"She related to us on both a personal and professional level..."

Sierra was absolutely amazing as our wedding coordinator. She went above and beyond to ensure every detail was perfect, from the stunning decor to the seamless coordination of events She related to us on both a personal and professional level and was always just a text or call away when we needed her. She truly made my dream wedding a reality. 

client love

Kailyn & Cade

"I am so happy I took the time to go on this retreat..."

Sierra did it again! This was my first retreat with all moms and it was SO much fun. It felt good to be surrounded by other women/mom's and not feel judged.  It's so easy to get wrapped up in the busy, yet repetitive, day to day tasks as a mom and this retreat opened my eyes to a beautiful community of women and it taught me it's okay to ask for help because we weren't meant to do this whole "raising kids" thing alone.

client love

Alexis G.

"Sierra was more than we could have ever imagined..."

Sierra was more than we could have ever imagined in a coordinator. Her biggest asset was listening to our needs and offering great advice and recommendations. She even took on last-minute tasks, such as collecting wedding decor from us the day before, cutting our place cards for the head table, creating our seating chart, and crafting a missing bridesmaid bouquet the day of the wedding. She definitely made sure our wedding felt magical and effortless.

client love

Patricia & Cory

"The clarity I had was that I can make any of my dreams come true..."

Before the trip, I was nervous/ scared of what I was getting myself into. I’m so glad I threw away all of those excuses and made the choice to lead with faith instead of fear. I'm thankful to Sierra for inspiring me with her words when I had hesitations. I learned so much from this retreat and I was truly able to “break free” from my limitations! She is such a good role model and I can't wait for the next one!!

client love

angela b.