I'm Sierra Nicole

My transformational journey began with a broken collarbone and a one way ticket to Thailand. Now I empower grow-getters like you to discover yourself by discovering the world, and choosing unconventional paths to design your life. Let's link arms and collaborate on re-writing your story and getting your passport stamped!

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"Not only did I find a lot of myself..."

I hit a point in my life where I was at rock bottom. I needed motivation, encouragement and inspiration, and Sierra gave me all of that PLUS more. Not only did I find a lot of myself, I was given the tools I needed to succeed on my own. My days don’t include anxiety like they used to. I’ve gotten more comfortable and happy with being by myself and discovering who I really am. Sierra empowered me to change my life and I’ll thank her everyday for that! 

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Elizabeth Lee

"Life looks more clear..."

I lacked clarity on my future and really struggled with my mindset—especially around my purpose and finances. I was in dire need of an internal upgrade. While I know life with still throw curveballs, I’m now equipped with the tools to navigate them with ease. I’m more confident and willing to put myself out there. I now know that I’m capable of way more than I realized. Forever grateful for Sierra and this program!!!

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chante benson

"I'm more confident..."

The biggest challenge I faced was finding meaning/purpose in life. After working with sierra, I basically got a whole new perspective on life and what it means to be happy/fulfilled. The activities that I did during our sessions, and the activities I did on my own throughout the week helped me realize that life is a journey and you make it what you want it to be. Life looks more clear. I feel like any doubt about myself that I initially had was put to rest. 

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kailey ybarra