The Momma's Day Getaway in Tahoe, California was the second retreat held exclusively for moms. Giving the women a break from being a mom, a well-deserved vacation, and a chance to reconnect with themselves, and other moms through shared experience.

We began the weekend with Girl Scout Cookie & Wine Tasting, let out our inner child by playing indoor mini-golf, tapped into our sexiness with a heels class, then later a boudoir photoshoot, and ended with nights in the hot tub and individual massages before heading home. 

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Momma's Day Getaway

The Free Your Feminine Retreat in Athens, Greece was a retreat designed for women to step away from their go-go-go lifestyle and reconnect with their feminine energy. A moment to experience a summer in Europe, slow down, surrender to new experiences, and open up in a group of women. 

We got vulnerable with mirror work, let go of stored emotions with a breathwork practice, sailed around the Greek islands on a boat, snorkeled ancient sunken cities, strolled through the Acropolis and other monuments, and dined on farm to table Greek food while we watched the sunset over the ocean from our villa.

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Free Your Feminine

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The Break Free in Bali Retreat in Bali, Indonesia was a retreat  designed for women to get out of their own way and break free from the limits holding them back. An opportunity to explore another country while exploring themselves, and doing it in a group of supporting women.

We grew in various workshops/ceremonies, explored the jungles of Ubud, snorkeled on the island of Nusa Penida, partied at FINN's beach club, volunteered at the YKPA Orphanage, and watched the traditional fire dance in Uluwatu.

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Break Free in Bali


Break Free
in Bali

The Momma's Day Getaway in Palm Springs, California was a retreat specifically designed for young moms. An opportunity to have some time away from motherhood, work, and all the other roles they play in their day to day lives, and a chance to connect with their true selves (and other mommas!). 

We explored Joshua Tree and had self-love photoshoots, let out our inner child by dressing up in colorful wigs and brew-biking through downtown Palm Springs, and got some much needed self-care time at a spa with hot springs and massages. 

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Momma's Day Getaway


The F*ck Your Fears Retreat in Tulum, Mexico was a retreat  designed for women to get out of their comfort zone and push past their fears. A chance to leave their normal environment in order to discover their authentic selves, and connect with other women along the way.

We engaged in a traditional Mayan ceremony, ventured through the Tulum Ruins, swam through caves and cenotes, partied at infamous beach clubs, had self-empowerment photoshoots, and biked to Tulum town for shopping.

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F*ck Your Fears


F*ck Your

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